A code snippet for Hesabe's payment gateway module is given in the Code View.

You can integrate Hesabe Payment Gateway in your WHMCS application by following the steps given below:

  1. Download WHMCS kit

            | callback/hesabe.php
            | hesabe.php
            | hesabe folder
  2. Upload it to the path /modules/gateways/ folder of your WHMCS installation.

  3. The callback file should be uploaded to the /modules/gateways/callback/ folder.

  4. Once you've uploaded as per the given snippet in the code view, navigate to Setup > Payment Gateways to activate and configure the Hesabe module

  5. Find Hesabe Payment collection module in "All Payment Gateways" section, and then add the merchant information in "Manage Existing Gateways" section.

Provide configuration parameters

Test Mode - Select to enable demo mode

Demo or Live, If test mode is demo then admin have to enter merchant code for demo merchant account. If Live then you'd have to enter merchant code from your LIVE merchant account given by the Hesabe support team

There are two types of payment options (KNET & MPGS), you can manage display payment options by selecting the desired option.