You can install encryption library for Typescript using the following:


npm i -S hesabe-crypt-ts


A depency for this package aes-js will also get installed automatically and usage of that is shown below.


After installing this library you may import the Hesabe Crypt class.

import {HesabeCrypt} from "hesabe-crypt-ts/lib"

You need to import aes-js also.

import aesjs from "aes-js";

You need to have a secret and an iv code to use this package.

Before starting encryption, you need to convert your secret and iv in bytes mentioned below:

const secret = 'XXXXX'        // Secret provided by Hesabe
const ivCode = 'XXXXX'        // IV provided by Hesabe

key = aesjs.utils.utf8.toBytes(secret);
iv = aesjs.utils.utf8.toBytes(ivKey);

You first need to initialise an intance of hesabeCrypt class and pass the key and iv while doing it.

let instance = new HesabeCrypt();

You can now call the methods of hesabeCrypt.

let text = 'XXXXX';           // Any random text
let encrypted = instance.encryptAes(text, key, iv);

let decrypted = instance.decryptAes(encrypted, key, iv);