Follow the steps below to integrate Hesabe Payment Gateway in your Shopify Store:

  1. Login to your Shopify Admin Account using your registered email address and password on the URL (ex:

  2. After you have successfully logged in, open link below in a new tab.

  3. Now you would see an option to install Hesabe Payment Gateway. Please click on the button "Install Payment Provider". See image below: Shopify 1

  4. Once done it will take you to the Settings - Payments page in your admin account where you would have to click on “Third-Party Payment Providers” and search for "Hesabe Gateway".

  5. Select and you will be redirected to the below page where you would have to enter the following details in the "Account Information" section.

    You can get these details from your account on the Hesabe Merchant Panel (in the My Profile section) given to you by Hesabe’s support team:

    User - Enter your registered Merchant Code
    Password - Enter the given IV Key Shopify 2

    You would also have to keep only VISA and MASTERCARD from the "Accepted Payments" column on this same page and un-select the rest.

  6. Click on “Activate Hesabe Payment” and your store is now ready to take payments via Hesabe Payment Collection Co. You would now see Hesabe Gateway as your primary payment collector. See image below for reference:

    Shopify 3


a. You need to have a registered Hesabe account to accept real transactions. Please contact our support team for further details.

b. In case you wish to test Hesabe’s integration with some demo transactions then please select "Enable test mode" from the settings page. Please contact our support team to get the test account credentials.

c. In case you wish to remove the Hesabe payment gateway, you could select "Deactivate Hesabe Gateway". See image below for reference.

Shopify 4